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Mayapuri Car Market

One of the biggest junkyard vehicles in Asia is the Mayapuri car market.


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Mayapuri Car Market

Initially, the car scrap market was used to be in western New Delhi. In 1975, it was relocated south to Mayapuri. Plots were allotted to shopkeepers without any infrastructure.

A general view of Mayapuri is many cars on top of the other, and one can see the Vehicle bonnets and doors wherever the sight goes. Greasy engine parts encroach the pavements. Vehicles across India come to Mayapuri.


Scrap Car Dealer near me

Scrap Car Dealer near me

Some of them are irrecoverable, whereas some are brought here from auctions. Mayapuri car scrap dealers dismantle the vehicles that at least 15 years older, which is as per the Delhi scrapping Vehicle rule.

Approximately 10 percent of the vehicle parts are refurbished while rest are turned to the scrap. Usually, the process starts before the shops open, and it takes about a couple of hours to flatten the truck to the ground manually.

Buyers and shopkeepers across India purchase the reusable parts and then sell those parts in the second-hand parts market. Scrap dealers take other scraps like small metals, plastics, and copper wires.

Mayapuri car market can be named as the vehicle’s funeral ground where the last ritual of any vehicle is performed. Once the vehicles’ metal body is flattened into the bales, the final remains of the cars are transported to the furnaces outside Delhi.

Hundreds of vehicles all over the country reach in Mayapuri car scrap market. The majority of the cars are dismantled, whereas some are recycled.


Once the metal is brought into the furnaces, it is molded into girders and rods and eventually gets a new life. They are then used in the construction material. For decades, this junkyard is supporting hundreds of families, but it is still running as the unrecognized market, which helps to get rid the tons of vehicular waste from Delhi.