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Car Scrap Dealers in Delhi.

Delhi Government do not allow 15 year old cars to be run on the road. It also does not allow 10 year old diesel cars to be on the road. So what happens to these cars?


You will be surprised to to know that most of these cars gets totally dismantled and selling them to a car scrap dealer is the only way. These car scrap dealers, break these car parts and then sell them individually to people who are in need of those second hand parts. It seems like it is the only possible way to cash your car. 



So How Do You Find A Car Scrap Dealer in Delhi?

Well it’s easy. You can either ask your friends or family for a known car dealer whom they know, or you can go online and search for car scrap dealer near me. In both cases , you will be able to find someone who can scrap your car and give you cash then and there.


Introducing Delhiwale Scrap Car Dealer

We are a scrap car dealer company since 15 years and we have 100% client satisfaction rate. If you want to sell you car into safe hands, then we can help you.


You see, we have a very simple process of buying your car.


1. You will call us and ask to sell your car


2. We will come at your house to pick up your car.


3. We will analyse your car and give you the best price.


4. We will tow your car from your home without any extra charge.


5. We will only need a photocopy of R.C and NO original documents.


6. A car scrap video will be sent on your WhatsApp the very next day.


7. We will help you with de-registeration of your car.


Call Us today to Get the Best Price For Your Car: 7303349537